A Rise of the Runelords campaign journal that became two books

8. A day for rest and recreation

26th of Rova – Wealday

The Rusty Dragon, Sandpoint

The next day we decided to rest, take stock of the situation and sell our loot. We went around town looking for buyers for our newly acquired items, and sold some while keeping others. Harsk was given the chance to take for himself a masterworked longsword, while Ilori took a magic wand. I was content with us sharing the gold for what we had sold – there was nothing among the loot that interested me. Instead, I used my share of the gold to buy a master-wrought chain shirt from blacksmith Das Korvut.

Having killed the demoness under the Old Light (at least we believed the previous day’s underground structure had been beneath the ruin of Old Light, the ancient lighthouse), we went to have a chat with Tsuto in the dungeon of the town barracks. Aided by Harsk’s spells, he finally revealed that he had come from Thistletop, an old, unused tower by the sea believed infested with goblins only some three miles away from Sandpoint. Thistletop became our next obvious objective for investigation.

We met Mayor Deverin and updated her on the situation. We also informed her of the undead horde in the catacombs beneath Old Light – Harsk had come up with a brilliant final solution for them. We returned there once more, and Harsk took a position around the dead-filled pits and cast an aura of positive life energy. It was an anathema to evil undead creatures and it burned them to ash.

We also had the time so see Ameiko at her family’s mansion outside Sandpoint and ask her how she was recuperating. After her father’s death, running the family’s business was forced upon her shoulders. Not happy with the situation and still sad about his father, she was however physically feeling rather well and recovering quickly.

Before returning to the Rusty Dragon, we went to see the Old Light from the ground level. We briefly met a wizened, absentminded old scholar, called Brodert, who was an expert on the history of the ruin. We would’ve wanted to share our experiences with him but Frank the brute managed to anger him with some uncareful words. I left a written message under his front door, apologizing for Frank’s behaviour and urging him to see us if he was interested in what lied beneath the ruins.

In the evening, we sat down around our table at the Rusty Dragon and planned our next moves. We chose to go and scout whatever there was at Thistletop the next morning at dawn. Ameiko, who had unbelievably returned to work, overheard us and promised to sponsor us with Master Hosk’s mounts.

Before I retired to my room, I asked Bethana for a bottle of wine and two glasses. I had a feeling I’d receive company during the night. And so I did, in the form of a beautiful, red-haired local girl called Shayliss.

At dawn over breakfast, we all felt energized, except for Vidarok who felt a bit stricken by something. But one chair was empty. Frank was gone. Before we had woken up, he had chosen to ride off alone, no-one knew where. Damned brute. Nevertheless, we fetched our mounts from Hosk’s stables and set towards the rising sun.


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