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Draft of Part II of Vengeance: Road to Damnation is finished and more is on the way..

Hi everyone, exciting news,

In June I finished the second part of the continuation novel to Journal of a Ranger, and I’m deep into the third part. In concrete terms this means I’ve written about two-thirds of the novel and I’m aiming to complete the book by end of this year.

If you’re interested in reading the drafts of the first and second parts, comment here, send me an email (ofromholtz(at)gmail.com) or follow the blog (click the Follow button to the right if you’re on a laptop or tablet). I’d be happy to let you in on the story as it is written, and hear your feedback!

To give you an inkling of what I’ve been working on, here’s a bit of the background of paladin Nyra Sunn, one of the story’s three protagonists, from Part II…

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