A Rise of the Runelords campaign journal that turned into a book

Player Character

The following profile describes the player character currently used by the blog author in the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords campaign.



Male – Half-elf – medium – spell-less ranger 17 / mythic trickster 4
Init +15; Senses dark-vision; Perception +19


AC 31; Touch 22; Flat-Footed 24; (+9 armor, +6 dex, +1 dodge, +1 luck, +3 deflect, +1 Mark of Wrath)
HP 213 (17d10+120)
Fort +17; Ref +19; Will +12
Defensive Abilities ; DR -; Immune magic sleep effects, non-mythic fear effects; Resist – ; SR  -, +2 bonus against enchantment spells


Speed  30 ft (+20 ft in favoured terrains)
Space 5ft; Reach 5ft
Melee +1 adamantine giant-bane gladius +23/+18/+13/+8 (+2 vs. giants) (1d6+6 (+2+2d6 vs.giants)/17-20, +1 cold iron planar gladius +23 (1d6+6/17-20)
Ranged +3 adaptive impervious flame burst composite longbow “Carmine Avenger” +28/+23/+18/+13 (1d8+8+1d6 fire dmg /x3 19-20, +2d10 if crits)
Special Attacks stealth attack (range 70 feet) +4d6 dmg


Str 18, Dex 22, Con 18, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha  8
Base Atk +17; CMB 21; CMD  40
Traits Ambush training, Suspicious, Bounty hunter Drawback Loner
Feats & Ranger talents Alertness, Dodge, Two-weapon Fighting, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Improved Precise Shot Deadly Aim, Manyshot, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Improved Critical: gladius, Deadly Range, Big Game Hunter, Toughness, Dragon Sense, Critical focus (mythic feat),  Favored Step, Bullseye Shot, Mythic Manyshot (mythic feat)
Skills Acrobatics +25, Bluff +7, Climb +14, Disable device +11, Handle animal +10, Heal +9, Intimidate +14, Perception +19, Ride +16, Sense motive +13, Stealth +24, Survival +17, Swim +9, Kn: dungeoneering +6, Kn: geography +8, Kn: nature +8, Kn: local +3; Linguistics +4, Use Magic Device +11 Racial Modifiers  Elf blood, elven immunitities, adaptability, keen senses, multitalented
Extraordinary abilities Hunter’s bond, Track, Favored terrains (Forest +4, urban +4, underground +2, mountains +2), Favoured enemies (Humans +6, giants +4, undead +2, evil outsiders +2), Wild empathy, Woodland stride, Swift tracker, Fast movement +20, Nature’s healing, Endurance, Evasion & Improved Evasion, Quarry, Camouflage, Hard to kill (mythic ability) Surprise strike (mythic power), Pierce the Darkness [darkvision] (mythic ability), Aim for the Eye (mythic ability) Amazing Initiative (mythic power), Recuperation (mythic power); Fearless (mythic ability) & Sniper’s Riposte (mythic ability)
Languages Common, Elven, Varisian, Chelaxian, Thassilon


+5 Mithral Shadow light armor, Bracers of Falcon’s Aim, Necklace of Adaptation, Ring of Feather Falling, Sihedron Ring; Skull Mask of the Fortunate Soldier; Boots of Speed; Spectral Shroud; Hunter’s Band; Minor Cloak of Displacement; Gloves of Reconnaissance; Belt of Physical Might (+4 CON & DEX); Golembane Scarab; Handy Haversack, Efficient Quiver, mwk thieves tools, compass, healer’s kit, everburning torch, ranger’s kit, chime of opening (5 uses), furs; various bane, special-use and adamantium-tipped arrows; Wand of Gravity (43 uses); potions of cure serious wounds (5), potions of remove disease, curse and deafness/blindness (2 each), potions of Heroism (5), Barkskin +5 (4), stone of alarm, fuse grenade, thunderstone, tanglefoot bag


NEW! Imagery of Alpharius’s current equipment
Alpharius is a 25-year-old half-elf, former slave on the run. Only thing keeping him going is his search for his twin-brother, Macharius. He doesn’t even know whether he is alive or not, but he refuses to give up. A wanderer for the past 7 years, he has led a lonely life.

He is a suspicious, dark humored and pragmatic person. He is a lone wolf who trusts very few people. But those he trusts, he is absolutely loyal to. He likes to maintain a low profile but has a clear value system, or a clear sense of right and wrong. He approaches problems with cold calculation, going by his loyalties first, and his self-preservation and self-interests second.

On the outside, Alpharius is melancholic. He is usually introverted and perceptive, who likes to keep to himself and quietly analyze and assess things. He is not afraid to speak his mind however, and rarely if ever considers what others think about what he says. He is not naturally charismatic and does not possess natural leadership qualities – he primarily does as he pleases and best sees fit, but in those rare occasions where he finds himself in a team, he happily leaves decision-making to others. If no-one takes the lead or is able to come to a decision over best course of action, Alpharius typically, if reluctantly, voices his opinions. Given his lack of charm, he has to use logical arguments and deliberation to take the lead.

Deep beneath the apparent melancholy Alpharius has a strong, growing choleric side. Though these attributes rarely surface, he is a romantic and a writer. The personal and witnessed hardships and betrayals of past, his constant flight, necessity to be alert and nagging inability to find any useful leads about his brother fuel his growing insecurity, self-doubt and stress. This has also led to a very pessimistic and bleak view of the world. His traumatic past combined with the suppression of his emotions and growing insecurities has borne a fiery, wrathful subconscious attitude that increasingly often emerges to compete with his colder, calculating mindset.

Typically withdrawn and serious, Alpharius nevertheless has a sense of humor. Alpharius is often amused by situational, ironic or morbid humor. He also likes to crack sarcastic jokes.

Alpharius is not an evil person per se or greedy – while he is nurtured to be opportunistic, he is perfectly willing to take advantage of less intelligent, less perceptive people. He considers this fair but usually does not seek to harm others.

As a fighter, Alpharius prefers his longbow, but is very familiar with two weapon fighting, preferring light martial weapons like kukri blades and gladii. He is dexterous and acrobatic, but also has considerable strength. He values martial skill and physical prowess above all else, and mostly steers clear of magic, viewing it as unreliable source of power. However, thanks to his adventures in Varisia, he is increasingly re-considering his stance on magic.

Alpharius stands 6 feet 4 inches tall, and weighs 210 pounds with little body fat. While lean, broad-shouldered and strongly-built but not overly muscular like gladiators and barbarians, he is an intimidating presence. His most obvious physical features are his broken nose, a scar running down from his right brow down to his cheek, heavy brow and deep-set, narrow and wide eyes, full lips, sharp facial features and jet-black hair which he normally keeps tightly bound with a small knot at the back of his head. His back and chest are riddled with blade and whip scars, and he has a small slave tattoo at the inside of his arm, close to his palm. Because he is still on the run from his slave masters, he usually wears a cloak with a hood, and keeps the hood over his head to shroud his face and features.

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